Each year we welcome a number of students to World Wide Wings. Shifting to a new country, moving away from home and from all that was familiar to unknown territory can be a daunting task.
We at World Wide Wings believe the surroundings and the assistance rendered before, during and after enrolling into our programs have a direct relation with performance of a student hence helping students feel comfortable and welcome is our primary goal.

Assistance is provided on the following levels:

1. Complete your TSA background checks
2. Complete your FAA medical exam
3. Arrange an apartment close to the school
4. Advise you on a cell phone plan
5. Assist you with transportation.
6. Set up a bank account
7. Suggest recreational or extracurricular activities
8. Career related guidance when required.
9. Medical attention when necessary
10. Study related assistance

In case you have any queries or concerns we are just an email or phone call away.

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